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Brian Longhurst, author of 'The Kingdom Series', has been aware of the reality of the spirit realms since childhood. Born in England, he moved to Canada as a young man, where he began what was to become an enduring, personal relationship with Jesus, who manifested in glory to him when Brian was 22. Jesus told him he had come to lead him back to God. From then, his encounters with the living Jesus began in earnest, with a decades-long journey of spiritual awakening.

After marrying, Brian returned to live in England. He now resides in Gloucestershire with his wife, Theresa.

Brian is an extraordinary and profoundly uplifting author, teacher and illuminary, who has an enduring, personal relationship with Jesus. He's an avid student of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and A COURSE IN LOVE. Brian Longhurst's books contain his insightful personal experiences.
Brian Longhurst


Honest to Goodness
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"The reality of eternity, Heaven, the Creator, even our own nature and purpose are often referred to as the mysteries. Five decades of walking with Jesus has revealed to me, of a certainty beyond all doubt, that there are no mysteries. God has kept nothing hidden from us. We perceive them as mysteries because we have placed a mist before our eyes, blinding ourself to what is plainly visible to us when we go within to see them with our inner vision."
--Brian Longhurst, Finding the Kingdom Within
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In the seven-volume, progressive Kingdom series, which began with "Seek ye First the Kingdom ...", we have journeyed, ascended in our mind, one mystical step at a time, from the valley of the shadow of death to the summit of the Hill of the Lord. The real, living Jesus has been with us throughout, as our Loving Guide, counsellor, comforter, strength, elder brother and beloved Companion of the Way. The objective of our journey has always been Awakening from the dream of separation from God and from our true, Whole, limitless, all-empowered-by-Love, One, undivided Self.

Now, with book seven, we have completed our journey to accepting and becoming aware of our true, limitless, all-empowered-by Love Christ-Self within. This is accomplished by our steadfast choice for re-connecting our thinking mind with our feeling heart, so that they are joined in unity and holy (i.e., Whole) relationship and purpose. This means that we can now freely, gladly, joyfully acknowledge that, in fulfilment of our heart’s shared desire, we are joining with Jesus in equality of Being as co-creators of a new, spiritually-elevated order of reality. Without our Wholehearted desire for this we deny ourself the opportunity to join with him – and all our brothers and sisters – in unity and relationship for this purpose.

This is a holy and sacred purpose – to bring an end, forever, to judgement, grievance, conflict, pain and suffering, and ‘death’, and in their place – to usher in to the realm of physicality perfect, divine Love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance of Life: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Perfect Love is the power of creation. Jesus demonstrated this power as the elevated, Son-of-God, Christ-Self in human form two thousand years ago, with countless miracles, telling all who are willing to believe him: “… the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do …” (John 14:12)

This New Order, the elevated Self of form, is now emerging, as a butterfly from its chrysalis, from within each of us as we choose to re-join our thinking, decision-making mind with our feeling heart – Universal, Unified Heart-Mind and Spirit – thereby ending the illusory separation consciousness. Joining of mind with heart, in unity and harmony of relationship that is our true nature, enables the opening to awareness and experience of – re-connects us with – our higher, limitless, timeless, eternal Self and the Oneness of all creation within the Creator.

This emerging state of our Being is becoming expressed, shared, extended, lived, manifested into the external world by all as we resurrect, arise to accomplishment of the all-empowerment that is the Truth, the Love and the Light that we all are.

The apostle John says it this way:

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he [Jesus] shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he [Jesus] is pure. (1 John 3:2-3)

He has appeared, in the midst, with us all, and is with us forevermore. We can become aware of his presence by going within, where he has his dwelling with each and every one of us. He is fully aware of – One with – all of us already, waiting with infinite patience for us to join with him in unity of relationship and purpose, for the creating of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That joining, that connection, is perfect, unconditional, all-encompassing Love.

Jesus evinced this elevated Self of form as an example-life for us all to emulate. The New Order of Being now arising in our midst is the fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer:

“… Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
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Brian Longhurst & Theresa Longhurst