1. Three (3) chapters of your manuscript in MS Word format (.doc or docx) for review; In this review, we will be looking at your writing style, the content, anticipated editing requirements, and originality among other things.

2. The Table of Contents. This gives us an idea of how the book is organized and content.
How to Submit Your Book
1. Your real name and contact information and something about your writing experience.

2. The status of your manuscript: whether it is completed and in its final form, or what percentage is completed at this time.

3. Whether or not your manuscript has been proofread and edited.
4. A précis or synopsis describing your book, including the genre and the storyline.

5. Let us know who will be interested in reading your book. Has anyone reviewed the book yet? If you have market research to support anticipated sales, let us know. Do you have a following? Give us a good pitch!
We will review your proposal and usually respond within ten working days with an invitation to submit a sample of your manuscript or will give you some feedback about our questions and interest.

Note: It is extremely important that your submissions package represents your best work, that your material is proofread for errors and your manuscript is not a "work in process" in order to be considered for publication.

We will ask to review your manuscript. We will want:
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Submit your query letter and proposal by email. We do not accept paper copies. Authors or their agents may begin the submission process by following this format below.
Part Two
Once your manuscript is reviewed, we can discuss with you how best to proceed with the process of publishing. Before any work commences, we will ask for a written contract and authorization to publish. Please be prepared to submit a basic marketing plan for your book. Explain who will be interested in your book and why. If you have a social network following or have articles published, please let us know. We are interested in both your manuscript and your commitment to reaching your goals.
What Happens Next?
Part One:
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