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For the first fifty years of her life Jane Beach was an atheist. In a moment of awareness, she discovered that God was real; her whole life changed and much to her surprise, she became a minister! Jane’s passion is her love affair with the one she calls the Beloved. Knowing what it feels like to live in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, she is committed to creating situations for others to do the same, relaxing into their own personal relationship with the God of their understanding. As Jane says, “Once you know how Loved you are, everything else takes care of itself.”

Jane’s writings invite readers to investigate their own love affair with the divine … their own inner beauty. Her personal relationship with life is contagious, and wherever she shows up an atmosphere of possibility, acceptance and unconditional love abound. Jane has recently retired as minister of Conscious Living Center in Mountain. View, California in order to take her message past its walls. She lives in Campbell, California
ISBN: 978-0-9856048-7-5
Praise for Choices, Choosing me is OK By Jane Beach
          “In a practical, down-to-earth way Jane Beach has shared positive, spiritual choices for successfully responding to life’s challenges most often experienced by individuals. One cannot read her inspired words without responding with renewed peace, strength and well-being. Truly inspiring!”
                 –Dr. Blaine C. Mays, CEO, International New Thought Alliance

          “Practice makes us present and choosing to be present through daily devotion is the catalyst for our growth and expanding actions. Choices: Choosing me is OK by Jane Beach is a tremendous helpmate for anyone willing to uphold the sacred act of spiritual devotion and practice. With relevant and inspiring daily guides, Jane’s delightful and thought-provoking writing help open the heart and usher in genuine excitement for what our days can intentionally be. A welcome companion for anyone of any faith.”
                 –David Ault, Author of The Grass Is Greener Right Here
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ISBN: 978-0-9856048-9-9
How to Build a Relationship with the
God of Your Understanding
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ISBN: 978-1-942497-01-1
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Jane was a keynote speaker at the “Spiritual Living, Conscious Awakening” conference in Geneva, Switzerland this August, presenting along with David Ault and musicians Erika Luckett and Lisa Ferraro. This was a 2-day day retreat followed by a 3-day conference. August 11-15, 2015
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The path is yours to take, knowing each step is blessed. In doing so you are choosing love. You are choosing you.”
Choices is an open invitation to live your highest potential, your greatest happiness.
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